Welcome to the VanEast Beer Blog

Welcome to Eastside Beer Banter!
Because you are here reading this, I must assume you have an interest in beer and hopefully that interest lies more towards the craft beer end of the beer quality continuum because that is what I will be focusing on here on this blog.
If you are looking for a blog that rates beers, pubs, breweries, etc, you will be mostly disappointed as that is not my purpose. What I hope to write about are issues, trends, ideas and opinions about the craft beer scene, focusing on Vancouver, BC, as that is where I am located. Having said that, my biases about certain beers, pubs and breweries will leak onto these pages and posts because, as a writer, it is impossible to remove one's self from the process to remain completely objective.
I hope you enjoy what you read here and I hope that my words give you food for thought. This blog is more a labour of love than anything else and it allows me to tell my wife that my time spent drinking and talking about craft beer is "research". Please feel free to post feedback and initiate discussion about the ideas posted on this site.
And above all, make sure you have a good craft beer at your side while perusing this blog.