Sunday, December 5, 2010

In Search of the Ultimate Cerveza

Anthony, co-owner of St Augustine's, Central City's
Sales Manager, Michael Tod and myself at CAMRA's
Winterfest of Ales held Dec 4/10 at St Augustine's
photo by M Frost
VanEast Beer Blog will be taking a break for the rest of the year as I am heading south in search of the ultimate cerveza in Mexico. I am not hopeful of finding anything special to report in regards to the Mexican beer scene, because, from what I have seen on my many visits to Mexico is that there is not a beer scene to be found. But if it does exist, I will sniff it out. There must be at least one microbrewery there as Mexicans love their beer. Unfortunately, the beers they love are mostly light "premium" lagers, all very similar to Corona, with exception of the darker beers like Negra Modello and Bohemian. I will definitely be ready for a hoppy IPA, strong imperial stout or barley wine (maybe all) upon return to Vancouver. Luckily, I was able to top up on great beers at CAMRA Vancouver's Winterfest of Ales, held Dec 4, at St Augustine's. If you weren't there, you really missed out as CAMRA arranged an impressive variety of beers to be sampled from a variety of very talented local brewers. For me, it was the best beer festival in a while...thanks to all who organized the event and made it happen.
I wish all a happy Holiday Season and hope all get a chance to share time and some great beers with family and friends. I'll be back and raring to go the first week of January so stay tuned. I have a few ideas to write about and hopefully a few interesting people to interview.
Take care and remember to support your great local brewers and pubs/restaurants that serve craft beer.
Wandering Paddy