Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BC Craft Beer Month Buzz is Building

And Fast Approaching

October is fast approaching which means BC Craft Beer Month (BCCBM) is just around the corner and a buzz is beginning to build in the craft beer community, at least in the Lower Mainland and Victoria areas.

For those of you who do not know, October has been officially declared, by the BC Provincial Government, to be BCCBM, a month that, according to the official proclamation, "will feature a celebration of British Columbia craft beer". It is a time for craft beer lovers and those who support the BC craft beer industry, through their businesses, to shine the spotlight on themselves and on our flourishing craft beer industry which provides jobs, enhances tourism, offers a market for homegrown goods and services and produces world-class, award-winning craft beers which are finding a market all over North America.

According to Lundy Dale, Mainland Director for BCCBM, the month is, "designated by the BC government for celebrating B.C craft beers, coordinated by people who are driven by a love and passion of good craft beer". She emphasises this is not a month-long version of Vancouver Craft Beer Week or the Great Canadian Beer Festival and is not a CAMRA initiative, but is instead a month for brewers to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labours and join in the festivities created by those who support and love BC craft beers. It is a month to highlight BC craft beers and raise awareness of the importance of the craft beer industry to our province. Many business establishments do this on a daily basis and BCCBM organizers are inviting them to highlight just how they support and celebrate our local craft beer industry by spreading the word to the masses.

"We are proud of our 25-plus provincial breweries and brewpubs," states Dale, " and that number is growing. Cheers to all of them".

Yes, cheers the craft brewers of BC indeed.

So keep an eye out at your local craft beer water hole for upcoming celebrations. Let's hope the buzz continues to grow and that this month is a huge success so it can be built upon and grow into a BC tradition in years to come.

For more information on what is happening and how to get involved email info@craftbeermonth.ca or check out http://www.craftbeermonth.ca/

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